5 Reasons to Watch the Summer Olympics

We were supposed to get to the 2020 Summer Olympics last year, but thanks to COVID-19 we settled for John Oliver talking about Marble Racing and re-watching The Last Dance over and over again for our sports fix.

Thankfully, sports are mostly back in full-swing and the 2020 Summer Olympics are now set to take place in 2021, albeit not without controversy and viewers being less excited in general about the Olympics than other years.

Nonetheless, the Olympics have given us the sports fan countless memorable moments over the years. Jesse Owens, Michael Phelps, “The Miracle on Ice”, Usain Bolt, Mia Hamm, Simone Biles, and many more – All have given us memorable sports moments in the Summer Olympics and something special is bound to happen again this year.

Here are five reasons to be excited for the upcoming Summer Olympics:

1. USA Women’s National Soccer Team

After a disappointing 5th place finished in the 2016 Games ended their streak of 3 consecutive Gold medals in 2004, 2008, and 2012 the US Women’s Soccer Team responded by winning the 2019 World Cup and are the strong favorites to take home the Gold this year. Despite losing their opening qualifying match to Sweden 3-0, this is easily the most fun USA team to root for in the upcoming games.

2. USA Men’s 200 Meter

The 100 meter run normally steals the spotlight, but this year could change that. Running for America in this event are 25 year-old Noah Lyles, 22 year-old “Kong Fu Kenny” Lyles, and 17 (yes 17!) year-old Erriyon Knighton. While Lyles has the greatest chance of winning the Gold for the Americans, all three athletes are inspiring and look for Knighton (the youngest male track and field athlete since 1964) to make some noise.

3. Katie Ledecky – USA Women’s Swimming

If you don’t know who Ledecky is, you are missing out. She’s an Olympic veteran having competed in the 2012 Games at 15 years old as well as 2016 and 2020 while winning 5 Gold Medals and 1 Silver Medal. Perhaps best known for this mind-blowing World Record she set in last years Olympics, expect more of the same from this electrifying athlete.

4. The Men’s Basketball Team NOT Winning Gold

Yes, you read that correctly. I am personally excited for another country to win the Men’s Basketball Gold Medal. America has won the Gold Medal 15 out of 19 times with their last non-Gold being a Bronze medal in 2004. Basketball has become a global game and I love that. Alongside, basketball’s growing popularity has been an increase in international competitiveness. As usual, the America team is an odd mix of superstars, college prospects, and JaVale McGee. Having already lost to Nigeria and Australia the American team has much to prove. Don’t be surprised to see a team like Spain, Slovenia, or Australia come away with the Gold Medal this year.

5. The USA Women’s Gymnastic Team

Coming off Gold Medal victories in the 2012 and 2016 Games as well as the past 5 World Championships, this team is led yet again by superstar Simone Biles. Spurred on in popularity for unfortunate reasons, even if (like me) you can’t wrap your head around the scoring in gymnastics it’s hard to not root for this talented team to dominate yet again.

3 More Olympic Events to Check Out:

  • 13! year-old Great Britain skateboarder Sky Brown
  • The Modern Pentathlon – Consists of Fencing, Freestyle Swimming, Equestrian Show Jumping, Cross-Country Running, and Pistol Shooting. Yes, this a real event.
  • Race Walking – Again, yes, this is a real event.

Check out these incredible teams, spectacular athletes, and weird events at this year’s Summer Games and go USA…except in Men’s Basketball.

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